Petty, Uncompassionate thief makes off with cardboard sign –


The piece of cardboard used to write, as seen above, was stolen on or about 14 July 2013 between the hours of 20:30 to 21:30. Video is being processed to see if images are legible. Pray for the thief!

OK, it’s just a cardboard sign, but what what about the principle of the wrong act?

Was it the Bully who has made it clear that he will not STOP at anything until his will is done.

Or was it the pompous Rod Perkins who stares and makes evil unto “The Houseless”. More on this being in time!

Or was it …?

The Connecticut State Police know who “The Houseless” are, but who are many of these Norfolkians who live with a mask hiding their true self?

Norfolk, Conn. Bully and/or HATER seeking harm unto “The Houseless” –

This is just a quick post due to another unwanted advancement by a Norfolk, Connecticut. This resident is known to reside at 197 North Street.

This is his second Sunday attack!

He expressed Hate unto “The Houseless” and others.

The being pictured above once stated that his wife is employed with Visiting Nurse Services of Connecticut. People can only pray and hope that his wife isn’t nasty, mean and evil as him with those who need her help.

Video coming!

(Click the images below to enlarge them)


Resident at 197 North Street, Norfolk, Conn. showing his support – NOT – for those who are victims.



The Bully and/or HATER



Look closely at this Hater and/or Bullies hand jester while seated in the cab of the red Ford. High intelligence or just expressing Hate any way possible?


Do Not be as him with HATE and/or as a Bully. Pray for him since he appears to be suffering from Spiritual and/or Mental Corruptness

Police and HATER/BULLY take notice: To the man who has made, yet not limited to, unwanted, not welcome and/or threatening attacks and/or advances, cease and/or desist your evil upon “The Houseless” immediately and DO NOT make any further contact in any form and/or fashion.

Could you be just the type of evil that takes part in a next “Newtown”, or “Colorado” type evil upon others?

Were your threats real or just to scare? Either way, they weren’t wanted and you forced them upon “The Houseless”.

Please seek professional help for your condition(s)

Response to Norfolk, Connecticut :

Norfolk Now!


A person referred to as “bocephus” wrote comments expressing the poor grammar and spelling on a posting, as well as, asked these questions:

Submitted on 2013/07/03 at

What happened to the original page and posts?
Why is pointing out your poor grammar and spelling so offensive to you?
I am truly trying to learn what the story and purpose is behind this garbled website. Aside from buzzwords and slander, the message you are trying to convey is unclear.

Who are these homeless people?
Why are there no pictures of these homeless people?
How were they actually abused?
How exactly are the homeless being “pimped?”
Why would you want to be homeless somewhere that has no opportunities for anyone, regardless of their dwelling status?
Why not get a job and save your money?
Why do those of us that work to support ourselves, and still struggle at that, owe you anything?

These are just a few of the questions I had when I came to this website, yet all that is here is just angry gibberish.
Someone asked you to clarify your viewpoint, and you respond by deleting the entire blog and immaturely acting as if you are proud of being ignorant.

Please, if you are trying to make a statement about a worthy cause, present the facts in a clear and concise manner. Otherwise, no one knows what you are really trying to say, and you fail to get your point across.


Hope this helps bocephus and others!

The original posting was crafted quickly and with battery life almost finished, there was no time to edit. No offense was ever thought of with the remarks about grammar and spelling. Absolutely none, so please don’t be lead down a wrong path with thoughts being driven by your own past history – whether understood or not.

Norfolk, Connecticut is a community which is divided, yet lives a fantasy of getting along.

becephus writes as though there are a multitude of jobs available about Connecticut, yet the state is ranked 8th in the nation of those people are fleeing from due to many reasons, including being more Communist than other states.

Bocephus probably walks a black dog and although acts out as wanting to know, doesn’t seem to have the natural ability to actually listen to gain knowledge which is missing.

As with many in the United States of America these days, the masses live in a fog, whether willingly or not, of actually being real concerning Humanity, let alone something so important as the Constitution of the United States of America.

Bocephus you kinda remind me of a man with a black German Shepard who approached another and myself as we chatted. The man offered food as a diversion to what he really sought. This man had he remained focused and not with deceit, threats and evil ways, he might of learned the truth. With growing tired of that man’s evil ways, heightened expressions were used to drive him on his way. The real threat to humanity are fools such as him who “THINK” wrongly and are – apparently – incapable of actually wanting to understand with being about it.

So, bocephus before you get up in arms, sit back and come to know the truth of “The Houseless”. Your questions will find answers in due time. Remember you aren’t paying for it so STOP being so demanding, after-all you may also be part of the problem. OK?

Not all seek to be on streets, live under bridges, rest rough and so forth. Systems are out of balance and not just because of Corporations and/or of a so called 1% as many focus blame upon. Those claiming to be humanity and bring forth questions such as bocephus shows that humanity is the System out of Balance. To bocephus, could it mean that being real in relationship with humanity becomes acceptable only if it doesn’t cost ANYTHING from others. No politics and/or agendas of man here, just focusing on how naturally speaking, or writing in this case, Humanity has been #Corrupted!

In the defense of some Norfolkians, there are good ones amongst them and this will be forthcoming in another posting after Shabbot.

Evicted to The Green in Norfolk, Conn.

Evicted to The Green. Give thanks to those of The Manor House

Shalom from Norfolk, Connecticut & “The Houseless”

Veteran sleeping at D of VA_

 “The Houseless” have been getting bombarded by Liberals and others with what appears to be wrong with supporting Veterans getting off streets. Maybe they are Corrupt when they come across those who don’t PIMP veterans for their own profit/gain/control. There are many who support Veterans for the right reasons and not of their own. “The Houseless does for the right reasons, but “The Houseless” doesn’t support war, nor murdering others.

OK, all of you sniffing Norfolkians?

To the defense of those Norfolkians who aren’t players of others and/or at least try to repent, have remorse and/or regret for anything one might do wrong, you know who you are and blessings unto you. Not all in and/or about Norfolk, Connecticut are players of human(s), many are really fine people.


TheHouselessInNorfolk, Conn6by8_

Being forced “Houseless” due to Corruption within the United States of America, a country born into and had always given respect unto, the harsh reality of it becoming an evil unto mankind is shocking to say the least. Follow here to – when able – to know of reality in Norfolk, Connecticut.

Daily accounts – those who attack, seek to harm, help, come to sniff – with photos, video and more soon!


One of the latest tricksters/evil workers.

The female pictured above came, yet not limited to, unwanted, unwelcome and with hate to do harm on or about 29 June 2013. She made threats that her daddy was associated with the Connecticut State Police and would make trouble for “The Houseless” if her demands weren’t obeyed. Was she sent by the Sinclair’s or ?

More on this evil soon!

This person later changed vehicles with accomplice(s), and made passes about Mills Way & Emerson Streets shouting evil.

More to come!



The Green in Norfolk, Connecticut

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